Ipod touch 4th gen review

The ipod touch is a small, compact and agile device, it does have a couple of problems but over all it is a good device and worth its money. It was designed and released by Apple in 2010 and runs on ios, another one of the down sides to the 4th gen itouch is that it does not support ios 7 because it only has a 216MB ram unlike the later models of iphone and itouch (iphone 5, ipad, iphone 4, itouch 5 etc.) which have a 516MB ram. The 4th gen itouch comes in 2 colours, black and white and is good for on the go music. It acts like an iphone apart from calls of course and 3G, 4G etc. although it sometimes plays up and it is slow. The camera`s on both the rear and front are poor quality with 0.7 megapixels on both sides. Over all the ipod touch 4th gen is a good product but I would recomend getting its succesor, the Ipod touch 5th gen as that can support ios 7 and has a much better camera quality with (I believe) 5.0 megapixels in the front and rear cameras, it is also , thinner and taller so it has a bigger screen size and is easier to hold in the hand.


2 thoughts on “Ipod touch 4th gen review

  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for this information very useful. I am thinking about buying this for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. Please could you let me know if she would be able to text me from the ipod touch. Are there any apps that you would recommend?

    • She could text you but only if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 4g and later yourself. I would recommend getting ‘inventions’ and ‘slopro’. Inventions is a game where you get a certain amount of objects and you have to drag them to create an invention. Slopro you take a video and then it will play it back in slow motion.

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