Raspberry pi (model B) review

I have a Raspberry pi and I find it is a fun, interesting and educational tool. It was designed by the Raspberry pi foundation and was aimed at children so they could learn more about computing, ict and programming in an easy, fun and enjoyable way. Amazingly,even though it is a fully-functioning computer it is extremely cheap. Budding inventors and pioneers are using it to control things like makeshift/homemade cctv cameras, laser cutters, 3D printers and robots. It runs on Linux* and costs £30/$35. It is about the size of a credit card and has two usb ports (although I would recommend getting a usb hub), it has an ethernet port, audio ports etc. unlike its predecessor which has no ethernet port (so no wifi) and 1 usb port. I hope this info has helped you on the decision of getting a raspberry pi or just info on the raspberry pi.

*Linux: an operating system (like windows or OSX etc.)


8 thoughts on “Raspberry pi (model B) review

  1. Thanks for your blog on raspberry pi. I am planning on getting one soon. Please could you tell me what you need to get started? Do you just by the board and start programming? What else do I need to buy? Does it come with an instruction book?

    • Thanks for the comment. You have to connect to a monitor and connect a mouse and keyboard to the main board. You don’t really need anything else but what you do need is a SD card (I would recommend buying one with the software already installed, so just search on the Internet for raspberry pi SD card and it should give buying options) and I would also recommend getting a case.

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