Nintendo DSi review

20131216-040510 PM.jpg

The Nintendo DSi is a good device but it lags behind as Apple’s IPod touch you can get for the same price which is has much cheaper games, it is a lot faster, and it has better games.

The Nintendo DSi was developed by Nintendo and was released in the EU on April 3rd 2009. It is part of the Nintendo DS family and uses a Nintendo DS game card. It runs on 2 ARM architecture processors. It has a decent camera on the front and rear but they appear poor. They come in 2 main colours, black and white, but it does come in other colours for special editions. This is a good product but I would recommend getting the 3DS for a little more money or an IPod touch (see IPod touch 4th gen) for the same price or more.

I hope this review has given you an insight to the Nintendo DSi.


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