IOS 6 review

IOS 6 was released by Apple to the Iphone`s and (at the time new) ipads in 2012. It runs on a 216MB ram so it can work on most of Apple`s touchscreen, compact devices. IOS 6 introduced Siri, an AI* integrated into the system of certain Iphone`s, Ipod touch`s and Ipad`s. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have Google maps and youtube already downloaded onto the memory. It has the same interface as IOS 5 but is completely different to the new IOS 7 interface. I would recommend keeping IOS 6 if your Apple product is compatible with IOS 7 because IOS 6 has 75% more ups than downs whilst as IOS 7 probably 15% more ups than downs, for example, IOS 7 can download the latest Garageband whilst Ios 6 can`t but IOS 7 is slow and sluggish and ‘tacky’ whilst as IOS 6 is easy on the eye and supports more apps than IOS 7 can.


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