Raspberry pi Camera module review

Sorry I haven’t done a post in while but this one is about the new, official, camera module for the Raspberry pi (see Raspberry pi Model B review, click here). It can be bought from element 14 at around £20 pounds but I don’t know for sure as I got it as an Xmas present, it can also be bought from Amazon. It uses the latest version of Raspbian OS. In a separate review I will give quick start instructions and then I will tell you how to view them because a lot of tutorials do not tell you how to view your pictures. Note; the camera module could be damaged by static electricity so before touching the board always earth yourself by touching something metal like a radiator.

The camera has amazingly good video quality(full HD) considering how small it is with dimensions of 20mm x 25mm x 5mm. I hope this review has given you an insight to the Raspberry Pi camera module and it is a perfect gift for people who has a Raspberry Pi.


Sky+ HD box 2TB review

This new Sky box I think is excellent! It has built-in wi-fi connection so you can get a massive range of movies from sky store on On Demand and if your have sky movies an even bigger range. The boy’s new case is slim and sleek design with a varnished finish.

Also on on demand you can get programmes from a massive amount of channels like BBC, Sky 1 and Channel 4. It records which is a great feature and all channels and programmes are extremely accessible on the TV guide interface.

Overall I think this is a great product and I strongly recommend getting. Also, if you already have a Sky box you are in with a chance of getting this one complementary.


Top ten free apps

These are the top ten apps as of 19/12/13 on the App Store for Apple devices.

1. 12 days of Christmas
2. Angry Birds GO
3. Facebook messenger
4. Match the dots
5. QuizUp: The biggest trivia game in the world
6. Whatsapp messenger
7. Lego Star Wars: The clone wars
8. ElfYourself
9. Spotify
10. Snapchat

iPhone 5 review

The iPhone 5 has a slim, sleek and sinuous design. Apple released it in 2013 and it was discontinued the same year on September 8th. It originally ran IOS 6 as an operating system but Apple designed IOS 7 for it. If you have seen my 2 IOS reviews* you would know that I think that if you have IOS 6 you should keep it.

It uses an Apple A6 chip like its successors, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Unlike its predecessor the iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, taller. It only weighs 112g and its dimensions are 123.8 mm (4.87 in) H
58.6 mm (2.31 in) W
7.6 mm (0.30 in) D

I hope this has given you an insight to the iPhone 5 but I would reccomend to get the iPhone 5s or 5c, unfortunately they only come with IOS 7 and you can not downgrade to IOS 6 anymore. Please take a look at my IOS reviews, the links are down below.

My IOS 6 review

My IOS 7 review

Literature 1

This is a poem I wrote so I hope you like it.

He rules the sea`s with his trident,
Persuades Zeus with his melancholy face.
Expresses his rage with tsunami`s of malice,
Sends amperage through the hyperion.

He is the eloquent Poseidon,
With pachyderm skin
And an emaciated body,
He is the great Poseidon.

The ruler of the depths,
The marine pharaoh.
Poseidon to the Greeks,
Neptune to the romans.

He sends currents through
The prodigious oceans.
His life floats above
Like a solitary iceberg.

His idiosyncrasy the sea,
The fish his ibex,
He is the sea,
He is a god.

The Periodic table

20131215-033352 PM.jpg

The Periodic table was designed and created by the russian Dimitry Mendeleev in 1869 as a way of counting, showing and categorising all the known elements. It uses a series of rows and columns to put the elements in order.

Also check out the periodic table song. There is two songs, Meet the Elements by they might be giants and The periodic table song. Here they are.

The Periodic Table song

Meet the Elements They might be giants