11+ papers

I am 10 and right now I am in the middle of my 11+ process which will hopefully get me into my secondary school that I have chosen. Because of this I was wondering if anybody had any past 11+ papers from private schools, I don`t mind which school it is but my first choice is King`s College Wimbledon. So if anybody has any papers could you send me the link to them in a comment.
Thank you


IOS 6 review

IOS 6 was released by Apple to the Iphone`s and (at the time new) ipads in 2012. It runs on a 216MB ram so it can work on most of Apple`s touchscreen, compact devices. IOS 6 introduced Siri, an AI* integrated into the system of certain Iphone`s, Ipod touch`s and Ipad`s. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have Google maps and youtube already downloaded onto the memory. It has the same interface as IOS 5 but is completely different to the new IOS 7 interface. I would recommend keeping IOS 6 if your Apple product is compatible with IOS 7 because IOS 6 has 75% more ups than downs whilst as IOS 7 probably 15% more ups than downs, for example, IOS 7 can download the latest Garageband whilst Ios 6 can`t but IOS 7 is slow and sluggish and ‘tacky’ whilst as IOS 6 is easy on the eye and supports more apps than IOS 7 can.


If you want to get started with writing Mandarin Chinese you should go to chinesay and for speaking, bbc learning Mandarin. Below are the links to each of the websites.

Chineasy I am sorry but I can not find the URL for BBC learning so i will send it in a later post. Also Chineasy is best used on a laptop or desktop.

Nintendo DSi review

20131216-040510 PM.jpg

The Nintendo DSi is a good device but it lags behind as Apple’s IPod touch you can get for the same price which is has much cheaper games, it is a lot faster, and it has better games.

The Nintendo DSi was developed by Nintendo and was released in the EU on April 3rd 2009. It is part of the Nintendo DS family and uses a Nintendo DS game card. It runs on 2 ARM architecture processors. It has a decent camera on the front and rear but they appear poor. They come in 2 main colours, black and white, but it does come in other colours for special editions. This is a good product but I would recommend getting the 3DS for a little more money or an IPod touch (see IPod touch 4th gen) for the same price or more.

I hope this review has given you an insight to the Nintendo DSi.

Richard Feynman: the man who helped end WW2

Richard Phillips Feynman was a Nobel prize winning scientist. He was born on May 11th 1918 in America and grew up to become a very famous theoretical physicist. He is mainly known for his work with the team which developed the atomic bomb, as part of the the Manhattan project, but he did much more than that. He spent most of his career working on quantum theory which means the study of sub atomic particles and how they work. For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize.

He was also famous for being a great all-rounder: he played music, wrote poetry and loved to play practical jokes on his colleagues.

Apparently, his colleagues used to tell him to unlock a safe in a room and he would stay in that room for a couple of hours and when he came out he would have opened the safe and then he would have taken out everything that was in there. Except when he walked out of the room, he wouldn’t say he had opened he would just walk out as if he hadn`t and his colleagues wouldn’t check the room because they thought he hadn’t done it.

Feynman was on the team who created the Atomic bombs which were notoriously dropped on Japan out of a silver-plated B-29 bomber plane called Enola Gay in 1945. This marked the end of the Japanese involvement in the war and was the beginning of the end of the World war in Europe. Hundreds of thousands Japanese people died in the two bombings and unfortunately for Feynman that is what he is known for, yes, he did help to end the war but so many were killed in the process.

Not only did the bombs affect Hiroshima and Nagasaki but the they affected Feynman as well; on February 15th 1988 Feynman died of a rare cancer, aged 69. Feynman had two rare forms of cancer, liposarcoma* and Waldenstrom`s macroglobulinemia**, dying shortly after a final attempt at surgery. His final words were “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”.

During his lifetime Feynman had been awarded the Nobel prize and had ended a world war, he was a remarkable man.

Click here to get more information about Richard Feynman on Wikipedia.

*A large bulky tumor that usually occurs in the thigh

**Waldenstrom`s macroglobulinemia is a cancer affecting B cells, a type of white blood cell

IOS 7 review

IOS 7 was released to all apple products using IOS with a 516MB ram or more. It has a completely different interface to IOS 6 and some people find it annoying and ‘tacky’ after downloading it, thinking it was excellent. People think it was amazing due to Apples advertisements but when they downloaded it they found that it was not compatible with some apps and they had to wait for an update that is compatible with IOS 7.

Another downside with IOS 7 is that it is not compatible with an Apple device that has a ram lower than 516MB so you can not download onto the iPod touch 4th gen and lower and not on the iphone 3rd gen or lower.

Overall IOS 7 does have some ups but not enough of them to equal the loss of popularity due to the downs and now you can not downgrade back to IOS 6 as that was stopped by Apple merely a day ago. I would say that if you already have it, it doesn`t matter but if you are still using IOS 6 on a device compatible with IOS 7, keep IOS 6.