iPhone 5 review

The iPhone 5 has a slim, sleek and sinuous design. Apple released it in 2013 and it was discontinued the same year on September 8th. It originally ran IOS 6 as an operating system but Apple designed IOS 7 for it. If you have seen my 2 IOS reviews* you would know that I think that if you have IOS 6 you should keep it.

It uses an Apple A6 chip like its successors, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Unlike its predecessor the iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, taller. It only weighs 112g and its dimensions are 123.8 mm (4.87 in) H
58.6 mm (2.31 in) W
7.6 mm (0.30 in) D

I hope this has given you an insight to the iPhone 5 but I would reccomend to get the iPhone 5s or 5c, unfortunately they only come with IOS 7 and you can not downgrade to IOS 6 anymore. Please take a look at my IOS reviews, the links are down below.

My IOS 6 review

My IOS 7 review


IOS 6 review

IOS 6 was released by Apple to the Iphone`s and (at the time new) ipads in 2012. It runs on a 216MB ram so it can work on most of Apple`s touchscreen, compact devices. IOS 6 introduced Siri, an AI* integrated into the system of certain Iphone`s, Ipod touch`s and Ipad`s. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have Google maps and youtube already downloaded onto the memory. It has the same interface as IOS 5 but is completely different to the new IOS 7 interface. I would recommend keeping IOS 6 if your Apple product is compatible with IOS 7 because IOS 6 has 75% more ups than downs whilst as IOS 7 probably 15% more ups than downs, for example, IOS 7 can download the latest Garageband whilst Ios 6 can`t but IOS 7 is slow and sluggish and ‘tacky’ whilst as IOS 6 is easy on the eye and supports more apps than IOS 7 can.

Nintendo DSi review

20131216-040510 PM.jpg

The Nintendo DSi is a good device but it lags behind as Apple’s IPod touch you can get for the same price which is has much cheaper games, it is a lot faster, and it has better games.

The Nintendo DSi was developed by Nintendo and was released in the EU on April 3rd 2009. It is part of the Nintendo DS family and uses a Nintendo DS game card. It runs on 2 ARM architecture processors. It has a decent camera on the front and rear but they appear poor. They come in 2 main colours, black and white, but it does come in other colours for special editions. This is a good product but I would recommend getting the 3DS for a little more money or an IPod touch (see IPod touch 4th gen) for the same price or more.

I hope this review has given you an insight to the Nintendo DSi.

IOS 7 review

IOS 7 was released to all apple products using IOS with a 516MB ram or more. It has a completely different interface to IOS 6 and some people find it annoying and ‘tacky’ after downloading it, thinking it was excellent. People think it was amazing due to Apples advertisements but when they downloaded it they found that it was not compatible with some apps and they had to wait for an update that is compatible with IOS 7.

Another downside with IOS 7 is that it is not compatible with an Apple device that has a ram lower than 516MB so you can not download onto the iPod touch 4th gen and lower and not on the iphone 3rd gen or lower.

Overall IOS 7 does have some ups but not enough of them to equal the loss of popularity due to the downs and now you can not downgrade back to IOS 6 as that was stopped by Apple merely a day ago. I would say that if you already have it, it doesn`t matter but if you are still using IOS 6 on a device compatible with IOS 7, keep IOS 6.

Raspberry pi controlled robotic arm

Hi everybody,

I have a Raspberry pi (see review) and a Robotic arm (see review), I would like to use my Raspberry pi to control my robot. I want to connect a Wii remote (Nintendo Wii review coming soon) to the raspberry pi via a bluetooth dongle, connect the robot to the raspberry pi, calibrate the buttons on the raspberry pi and then control the robot using the Wii remote. I could probably do all of it but my pi won`t update (sudo apt-get update) or upgrade (sudo apt-get upgrade) so I can`t get the Bluetooth packages. If anyone could help me and tell me what to do in a comment that would be great.


Ipad 2 review

When the Ipad 2 came out after its predecessor, the Ipad 1, it was revolutionary, another success from Apple but now we have the Ipad mini, the Ipad 3 and the Ipad Air it seems outdated and without ios 7 installed it still looks like an enlarged version of the early iPhone. Yet, nobody minds about that, it’s still an Ipad and some people find it a pleasure to hold.

The Ipad 2 has a 516MB ram which means it is able to run with ios 7. It was unveiled by Apple on March 2nd, 2011 and acts like Audio-visual personal media center for your home because you can connect to your television using cable and watch a movie you downloaded from iTunes or play Spotify and you iPod music through your sonos speakers*. Like the Ipod touch and iPhones you can choose how much memory you want, it ranges from 8GB to 64GB and some special edition Ipads have 85Gb of memory. Like all Apple handheld touch products it runs on ios**, one of Apple`s main operating systems. The CPU is an 1 GHz dual-core Arm Cortex-A9. The camera quality is poor (unlike its successors) with a VGA-quality***of 0.7 on the front and 0.3 on the back.

I hope this information has given you some good idea about the Ipad 2.

*Sonos speakers are hi-fi speakers that you have to buy separately

** iOS is one of Apple`s main operating systems

***VGA-quality is video graphics array

Robotic arm review

When I was 9 I got a robotic arm from my grandfather and this is what I am reviewing. The box said it was for teenagers (14+) but when I made I was only 10. It uses a series of gears and motors to manoeuvre each main turning points on the arm and they all connect to a small cpu (central processing unit) by wires that run down the exterior of the arm and base. A significant percentage of the actual robot is the base, the reason being that it is where the 4 D-size batteries below the cpu. You control the gears and motors using the controller. Every thing is self-assembled and an easy-to-follow instructions booklet makes it very simple to build. Overall I think this is a great product and a good present for christmas or birthdays.